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Technology as a service

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Online Yacht Office

YManage Virtual Office has hundreds of features. No more chasing documents, no more waiting for days to hear back about the progress of your tasks, no more chasing parts equipment. YManage Virtual Office provides an online solution for collaborating with your team wherever you are. One easy-to-use platform to manage clients, schedules, projects, tasks, orders, team meetings, and much more.



Tasks, Check List, Work Groups, Report, YManage Office with extensive organizational features.


Share ideas, give and receive feedback, create workgroups, engage owner, team and crew.


A powerful document management system. Any files can be placed for downoad or collaboration.


YManage is the easiest way to manage projects and communicate from a central, secure online workspace.

Virtual Reality

Whether marketing a product, providing training and assistance, or monitoring and managing teams and projects, you can fully immerse yourself into the experience through our Virtual and Augmented Reality Services


We use Virtual Classrooms to better train students and members through a more interactive and complete learning experience.


We host Virtual Meetings to connect more engagingly with partners, customers, and staff located anywhere.

Tele Assistance

Wherever you are, your team ashore is with you. We provide the latest communication technology to yacht shipyards and professional technicians.

Customer & Team First

Using the YManage simulator, you can learn to sail, track, moor, gybing reefing, yacht racing, anchor with live sailing mode starting from 36 ‘sailing yachts to superyachts. Thanks to the VR simulation, trainees acquire new skills faster.

Our development team assists the client by coding APIs, tools, and applications based on virtual and augmented reality. We also provide supporting hardware such as VR glasses, high configuration computing machines, robots, simulators, and wearable technologies.


While using augmented reality applications in Yachts, marking of real objects in the live environment is necessary to be replicated to virtual 3D images. Our apps help you navigate night & day simulations and mark every live entity into augmented reality.  


Take Good Care of the Safety of your Crew and Passengers with Telehealth. Advanced Technology can now give you access to clinical services such as monitoring and diagnosis from remote.

Share Information in Real Time

Wherever you are, our system can share all clinical information in real-time from remote.

Tips to be Healthy and Fit

We offer tips to improve the well-being of your crew and your passengers.

Diagnosis Over Time

Videoconferencing is used for various purposes, including  diagnosis, counseling, and monitoring of patients

Private Information

All your information will be sent to your doctor in full compliance with privacy laws.

Digital Health Care & Prevention

Give access from remote to your trusted health care professionals so that they can assess crew and passengers in real time. They are going to be able to follow their patients throughout their treatments, they can also create support group meetings for the crew and more. In this way you can maintain the comfort and privacy of your yacht.

Receive proper medical advice through real-time, visual communication. Keep a medical team connected to their patient and to each other,  allow them to safely share and explain health information or results in the proper context.

E-visits and medical consultations connect patients and physicians around the world quickly and securely. In our virtual medical office you can comfortably have medical examinations on live video without affecting your workflow

Remote Assistance

Thanks to
the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) smart devices, we can now give
detailed instructions in a very effective way from remote.

This technology speeds up services. Furthermore,e the likelihood of errors is reduced. Nowadays, we often experience fast-changing technology and innovative installations; it is nearly impossible for a crew to know how to face every possible issue on board. Being able to efficiently share data online and be guided step by step by experts ashore is essential.

Device Supplier

We offer tested devices with initial setup and check before delivering to customers.

Software Integration

The Software for Remote Assistance and monthly Technical support are included.


Our Technical Control Room provides a variety of services, from Internet Connection Solutions to After Sales Support.

Support & Inventory

The Yachts under our Management employ AR tools that allow their crew to exchange data and instructions online with a team of experts ashore as if they were next to you onboard. Even complex problems can be now solved with extreme accuracy by someone who is not a well trained technician.

Engineers can scan codes on spare parts, verify whether they are in stock and communicate the inventory to the maintenance system in no time. By exchanging data and instructions online we simplify information exchange, reduce downtime, speed up access to resources and knowledge, provide immediate support, guarantee consistent quality standards and reduce the incidence of human errors.