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April 2, 2020 / Augmented Reality

Remote Assistance
for Technical Management.

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Thanks to the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) Smart Devices we can now give detailed instructions in a very effective way from remote. This new modality speeds up servicing and the likelihood of errors is further reduced. Nowadays we often come across fast changing technology and innovative installations, it is nearly impossible for a crew to know how to face every possible issue on board. Being able to efficiently exchange data online and to be guided step by step by experts ashore is essential.

Device Supplier

Device Supplier

We offer tested devices with initial Setup and check before delivering them to customers!

Software Integration

Software Integration

The Software for Remote Assistance and a monthly Technical support are included!



Our Technical Control Room provides a variety of services, from Internet Connection Solutions to After Sales Support!

Perfect solutions for Technical Support

The Yachts under our Management employ AR tools that allow their crew to exchange data and instructions online with a team of experts ashore as if they were next to you onboard. Even complex problems can be now solved with extreme accuracy by someone who is not a well trained technician.

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Many possibilities
from Inventory to Check List

Engineers can scan codes on spare parts, verify whether they are in stock and communicate the inventory to the maintenance system in no time. By exchanging data and instructions online we simplify information exchange, reduce downtime, speed up access to resources and knowledge, provide immediate support, guarantee consistent quality standards and reduce the incidence of human errors.

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