Yacht Sales & Marketing Pack

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We know how important it is how to present your luxury yacht to the market. Our marketing department works to communicate the unique value and benefits of your yacht. We guarantee visibility to your yacht so that it is presented accurately to potential buyers, profiled both within the vast worldwide network of YMange and outside it.

The “Sales & Marketing Pack” includes:

  • Market Analysis

With years of experience in the sector, our managers support you in choosing a broker or central agent.

  • Market Comparison

We look for boats and models similar to your boat to see what the differences are and their trend in the market.

  • Lead Generation

By leveraging a vast network of contacts, we create a strategy capable of attracting interested leads.

  • Shooting

Our professional photographers and videomakers know how to highlight the value of your yacht, they will take care of shooting directly on your yacht.

  • Digital Materials

Our Design Department create brochures, business cards and flyers to offer them to your clients.

  • YManage Marketplace

By listing your yacht on the YManage marketplace, we ensure that your yacht is seen by more people, achieving a successful sale.

  • YManage Booster

YManage’s international technological approach uses both proven promotional tools and innovative techniques.