Description: Dedicated Yacht Manager

Immagine have a team of specialized Managers by your side every day, from whom you can ask what you want about your yacht activities.
And that these Managers guarantee you advice and opinions within 24 hours on your problems.

How much more organized would your life on board be?                                          How many mistakes could you avoid?

And if you need then to sell your yacht, manage it, buy a new one, you will have discounts ranging from 20% to 30% at the normal rates of our | add-ons

  • 10 Hours of tasks or 1 Module  | Important discount on all our rates*
  • Ideal for yachts from 30 up to 50 Mt | Private Yacht **
  • Also includes: Business Partners Discounts
  • Valid for:  1 year

*About Task and Module Price to be purchased separately   |    all prices

* *For commercial vessel and yacht  >500 GT   |   book a meeting

What is included :
  • Dashboard customer portal (Documents, Projects, Contracts, Meeting e Call Booking, Invoices, and payments)
  • Mobile app
Are not included :
  • Virtual Office Software
  • Yacht Management Software | YManage 360°
  • DPA & CSO Services
  • Administrative, travels, hourly costs
  • ISM/ISPS Safety & Security Implementation