Description: Crew Services

Receive access to the portals and to a coach who supports you in your career, and makes his tools available 24 hours a day.

Certainly, a personal online assistant can be useful to ask for information. And you would save time to invest in your training.
Among other things, membership allows you to get the best discounts from schools that collaborate with us.
Many of the courses available are online and certified. | Courses

  • 4 video conference session  | Inscription to the recruiting platform *
  • Ideal for Green that starts in the industry, Senior  that want to improve new soft skills**
  • Also includes:  Partners Discounts, Training Discounts,
  • Valid for:  1 year

*Plan ahead | The job search portal is free and we work according to the MLC and GDPR rules  |    Register

* *For commercial vessel and yacht  >500 GT   |   book a meeting

What is included :
  • Dashboard customer portal (Documents, Projects, Contracts, Meeting e Call Booking, Invoices, and payments)
  • Mobile app
  • Virtual Classroom
  • CV Optimization
  • Job Directory
  • Discounts from Business Directory and Training.
Are not included :
  • Virtual Office Software
  • Yacht Management Software | YManage 360°
  • Administrative, travels, hourly costs

We offer paid packages for specific needs and roles ranging from assistance to coaching. Find out more