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Share your work with YManage team and start earning.

Build On Your Ideas & Collaborate With Others In The Industry

If you have an idea you have been dreaming about bringing to life on your travels, but have been limited for reasons such as time, or lack of staying in one place for too long,
Y Manage are here to help you turn these ideas into reality.

By joining us as a partner you will be able to actively contribute to our growing community and develop on ideas you have to improve the yachting world.

Share Your Passion

Share your ideas with the Y Manage community. We can assist you with developing and implementing a solid marketing strategy for your idea through the Y Manage Network to bring an idea to life.

Develop an Online Business

We provide all the tools to develop and market your business online. Our team of in house specialists will help you through every step of the process, from initial concept to website development and online marketing.

Automated Marketing

Marketing is a full time job in itself, and we know your busy, that’s why we have invested in industry leading tools favoured by Google, Shopify & more to generate traffic and sales to your site, hassle free.


Manage From Anywhere In The World

It’s always been the dream, to run a business from a beach with your laptop as your only tool. Well thanks to Y-Manage this is now a reality. As well as assisting you in developing your business we will be able to provide you with a virtual office where all you legal paperwork can be sent and forwarded to you by PDF.


1YManage is world’s most cost effective Yachting Management platform that include expert consulting, CRM , Project Management, HR, Workspace, Marketplace, Business Directory tools. All YManage leads & sales generated from our programs are distributed to our partners at no cost.

2 YManage partners are allowed to provide industry specific solutions that aren't currently available in the Market. Multiple revenue streams – reselling, customizing, integrating, software & apps, training, renewal fees, discounts, distributorship opportunities. To become a partner you have to be selected by our administration team and undergo screening to see if you are suitable.

Partner With YManage Today For Full Access To Our Services & Network

Your Virtual Office Online

Your Virtual Office Online

Boost your productivity in the workplace with our Virtual Office. Our range of tools can streamline your workday giving you back precious time.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Become part of our consultation service team and offer advice to help make others experiences in the yachting work more enjoyable.


Online Services & Marketing

Online Services & Marketing

Whether you are using our Yacht Management Software or Yachting Web Site Development Services, you will be able to outreach to our networks of thousands.


All Services From 1 Platform

All Services From 1 Platform

One login, one platform. Save yourself the hassle of managing day to day life in the yachting industry across multiple sites when you have everything in one place.

Monetise Your Ideas & earn

Monetise Your Ideas & earn

With Y Manage you have so many ways to earn money, and you can give as much time as you like, no commitments. All earnings for partners get paid weekly

Sign Up Today

Sign Up Today

Speak with one of our team today who can walk you through our services and identify what is the best fit for you to get involved with the Y Manage team.

Our Current Partners

Our solutions have opens up opportunities for a number of companies within the industry,
why not add your name to the list?

Codecasa Yacht
My Bachara Queen
My Aminah
My Ariadna
Nuova Benyacht
Get the resources to help you succeed.

Get the tools you need to work better & succeed.

Access to valuable product designed to help take your business to the next level with YManage.
From a professional team at your hand &  innovative programs to Marketing & Sales solutions and more, it’s all right here.

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