How It Works

YManage Agile Methodology

We excel in yachting smart solutions development. Our agile workflow, monitoring, and management allow us to operate through a fully automated system.


The platform

YManage is a platform developed to meet every need in the yachting sector. All our services are designed thanks to our decades of experience in the field. We know all the problems that those who work at sea face, and we have found smart solutions to solve them

A suite of tools

Every player and worker of the yachting industry has different tasks and roles. Our suite covers all the mansions of the professionals of the sea. Owners, crews, and shipping companies can now have access to smart services to improve their performance and meet any type of need quickly and safely.

Several Plans

YManage offers different plans depending on your role and specific needs. Each plan can be customized at any time and can be managed by our customers in complete autonomy.

Digital but Human

Our suite is a powerful digital tool, but YManage’s strength lies in its assistance and a team that is always available and ready to intervene at any time. Whether you prefer to use digital solutions or your personal assistant, Ymanage is at your side.

Ready to sail!

Figure out how Ymanage is easy-to-setup

Get in Touch !

1. Get started with our 3D service, discuss with the whole team

‘Discuss, Decide and Determine’, this is our 3D plan and it is a perfect deal to start with. After subscribing you will have 15 days to brainstorm with our staff, we will collect your data and find the perfect formula for you. Payment will be due at the end of the two weeks consultancy period

2. Manage with YManage

Now, as you are ready to start, you will be guided to use YManage services and software to monitor, manage and direct your team, no matter where you are. Personal and business access to your Virtual Office and related software ensure timely delivery of every task without any delay. Virtual monitoring and remote management naturally lead to higher productivity and reduce time delays in decision making improving the overall cost management.

3. As you grow, we grow

As your business takes off you will find all you need in our toolbox! We provide a wide range of specific services and functions that you can easily access to ‘on demand’. YManage is only one click away to give you the extended support you need. With a little charge you can further add hiring, software development, training and other IT services, tools & software by contacting our staff.

Services On-Demand

What you need, whenever you want it

Even if you have not subscribed to one of our plans yet, you can still access single services’ à la carte’.

Sea Concierge

Whatever you need, and at any time you need it, just contact us by phone or e-mail. Our consultants will find the solution for you quickly and at competitive prices.

Expert assistance

All our operators have long experience in the yachting sector. We will advise you and guide you towards the best decisions, saving your time, and providing quality solutions.

For every one

We provide assistance and on-demand services for all operators in the sector. If you are part of a crew, you are a captain, an owner, or a company, Ymanage helps you solve your problems.