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YManage Virtual Office has hundreds of features. No more chasing documents, no more waiting for days to hear back about the progress of your tasks, no more chasing parts equipment. Y Manage Virtual Office provides an online solution for collaborating with your team in one place.
To put it simply, You can manage clients, schedules, projects, tasks, orders, have team discussions and a lot more all in one space..


Tasks, Check List, Work Groups, Report, YManage Office has extensive organizational features.


Share ideas, give and receive feedback, create workgroups, engage owner, team and crew


A powerful document management system. Any files can be placed for downoad or collaboration.


The easiest way to manage projects and communicate from a central, secure online workspace.

Increase the Agility of Work

We want make you work better. We will build with you a Professional Platform that Automates permanent task, Includes Software that interesses your Business, and Connects the people that you love work with.

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Perfect for Operations
HR and Finance

Our challenge is to improve Yacht Owners Involvement in Management Task and Service, Allow Crew and Manager to Collaborate from Anywhere, Allow to create, manage a project from any difficulty in time.

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