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CV Optimization

Technology makes jobs more accessible, but it has also made the job search process more fragmented.

To find the job you are looking for, your CV should grab both the Captain and the HR manager’s attention.

When you choose a CV writing service, you’re investing in a quicker job search and a more fruitful and satisfying career.

A professionally written CV…

  • It helps you find a job faster.

  • …It makes you more valuable in the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

  • …It saves your most precious resource: your time.

Career Coaching

Excellent functional and technical skills can boost your career

Often, skilled professionals do not consider the importance of building their personal brand. Without this strategy, it’s quite challenging to accelerate their career goals. That makes them feel as they are not progressing fast enough. The outcome is an unrecognized potential and missing growth opportunities.

In our coaching program, you will learn how to valorize your skill and performance, set career goals, and develop an action plan for success.


YManage Training offer Bachelor and Master level education at SSM and Online education. Through the program, we provide a wide range of STCW training courses for professional seafarers and simulator-based training to shipping companies all over the world.

YManage develops and uses simulation and innovative teaching methods like Virtual Classroom, enabling the skill and knowledge assessment.

Job boarding

Our platform is a leading source of job vacancies in the global maritime industry. A niche job board dedicated to yachting gives you access to job vacancies from companies hiring across the world, from green starting positions to c-level executive and leadership roles. We have several partnerships with some of the world’s largest recruiting companies, which will open up to you significant job opportunities.

This service is free for open to work profiles.


If you want to employ a profile with maritime experience, YManage is a cost effective way of advertising your position. The process is fast, and you can pay with PayPal or credit card.

The job Ad will automatically be exported to our Social Media channels with more than 12.000 followers/members.

Membership Discount

YManage Members receive valuable offers and discounts on select programs and services.

The Member Program is our way of saying “Thanks!” to our community.

Membership discounts include insurance, software/hardware, careers and conferences, magazines, books and journals, travel, financial products, and general consumer products.

If you are not yet a member, join now!

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Our Virtual Office wins the challenge of connecting the Owner, Manager, Crew, and other users in one Smart Communication Management Platform.

We want machines and instruments onboard to communicate with each other. Data are sent to an Artificial Intelligence that helps humans to work and to unlock their potential.

Save time and improve the quality of your life on board!