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New Tech Consulting Area:


Health security has become a priority in any context, including yachting. We offer a system of remote assistance customized according to the patient’s needs, allowing him unlimited access to medical treatments and removing any geographical barriers. Our virtual health care services allow clients to access a wide range of skills and get essential guidance to give their healthcare needs the best solution.

  • Real-time measurement/monitoring
  • Video call center
  • First aid
  • Teleassistance

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a technology that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn to extend human capabilities. It is possible to make humans and machines work together to complement each other’s strengths. YManage offers software and tools that automate tasks and simplifies tasks.

3D Printing

3D printing represents an advanced construction method that will allow the Yachting Industry to reduce costs, and decrease production times, increasing quality across the build process. With numerous application options, 3D printing technologies can be applied on a wide range of projects, from internal design to shipbuilding

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The fields of application of virtual reality and augmented reality in the yachting industry are innumerable. From remote technical assistance to the development and presentation of projects in immersive environments, up to training for emergencies, this technology will soon be a game-changer for the market.

  • Remote Assistance
  • Education
  • Medical Assistance
  • Construction
  • Inventory

Remote Assistance

Thanks to the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) Smart Devices, we can now give detailed instructions effectively from remote. This new modality speeds up services, and the likelihood of errors is further reduced. Nowadays, we often come across fast-changing technology and innovative installations, it is nearly impossible for a crew to know how to face every possible issue on board. Experts ashore are essential to exchange data online efficiently and be guided step by step by experts ashore.


All communications between yacht and office are available in a single system, clearly and safely. That’s is the power of YManage360°, the most complete and innovative yachting management software. Now control operations can be faster and smoother. Crew and Manager activities are optimized by increased efficiency. You will be able to predict better emergencies having all the commands at the tip of your fingers.

Business Directory

Our Directory allows companies to list their services and products on our website. Different plans show preferred features. YManage delivers your link to the right crew, Captain, Shipyard, Marina, to give you more visibility and position your brand positioning.  YManage is available on desktop and mobile.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means doing things in a new (digital) way. Improve your business activities, processes, products, and models to leverage new technologies’ opportunities fully. Digital brings people, business, and technology together.

With careful, strategic development and consulting, we help businesses advance and inspire, create positive transformation, and lead digital innovation.