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Engage Team collaboration in an organized and Private workspace

Make it easy to work with anyone, from anywhere.

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Trusted by Yacht and Industry businesses - for big and small

Is an innovative and comprehensive Yacht Management Platform - a collection of digital products and services that can bring real value to your yachting business.

This is how smart teams use online workspaces to work better together and get the job done

+40 individuals products, services and tools that can also work together to streamline your Business/Personal yachting activities.

Secure File Sharing

Combine a central ‘go-to’ file repository with powerful document management functionality for fast, simple and secure file sharing.
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Simple to use with exceptional support

We pride ourselves on how easy and intuitive YManage is to use. The power of one collaboration platform that make team work better and additional documents and services to manage yacht activities are a must to have. This is why every YManage customer decided to use a  flexible, and visual way to manage projects and organize anything, anytime and anywhere.
Owner A significant aspect of the decision to create YManage was the aims of personal support we can offer from one online platform. So if you decide start use YManage Product and Services, don't hesitate to contact us for a demo or personal quotation.


Secure - Personal,

YManage uses SSL encryption to ensure your data is secure. Working in respect of law and term of privacy GDPR Compliant