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Covid 19 and Yachting Industry

Dear Community, We are facing a worldwide pandemic for the first time and we don’t know what to expect;what we know for sure is that even if we don’t get directly infected by the virus it will affect us somehow. Keeping an open mind and proceeding cautiously but confidently is the way to go. This

Smart Working? Not without a Smart Leadership 

SMART WORKING comes with SMART LEADERSHIP. The latest manages, motivates and supports Smart workers from remote covering different time zones, countries, diverse cultures and languages. At MAIN RAISE, we run our activities through SMART WORKING Management methods, we have in place many tools. We are thrilled to share with you our point of vision and experience.  “A leader is one who knows the way,

Hacking on the rise! YManage is well prepared. Are you?

We are coming across difficult times, the Corona pandemic is hunting humans and unfortunately lockdown and job losses have quickly led to a rise in crime. Consequently, cyber frauds are also on the rise. Hackers and crackers are using different hacking tricks to breach system security and stealing personal data so we must be aware