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Headquartered in the beautiful city of Antibes, at the ‘heart’ of the Mediterranean, YManage is a small company with important partners that operates on a fully remote basis.

Spread through the Mediterranean, Europe and Asia, our team is familiar with plenty of locations, lifestyles and backgrounds. 

Our differences make us complete, and our shared belief in YManage’s core values binds us together.

YManage’s work ethic is based on mutual respect, transparency, collaboration and direct feedback. 

We actively promote effective communication with our users as well as within our team and we are very proud of the results.

 We strongly believe that well defined procedures and new ideas blossom in such a fertile environment and this has been proven by our staff over the years.

Most of our staff work from remote and can fully enjoy the ‘digital nomads’ lifestyle. 

Freedom is a great motivator and it is clear to all of us how being able to freely dispose of our time is the true richness. 

Our collaborators can invest on self improvement activities while being fully dedicated to the company, it is obviously a virtuous cycle that gives us all the right spin when facing our daily activities at work!

Welcome to the YManage crew! We are platform managers, developers, content writers and bloggers

Our partners have been acquired throughout the years, they have proven to be trustworthy and loyal while becoming essential in our work. They are maritime schools, shipyards and yacht agents.

Do you have your own business? Do you think that our services may be appealing to your clients? Get in touch with us, we have an offer for you!

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