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Manage Your Business from Anywhere.

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An online platform that simplifies how your organization work and grow.

Your company, Your business United

  • Easily grow your visibility online
  • A Virtual Workspace to connect with the people that count
  • BtoB Services, Products for you and your customer

Payment as you Grow? Now that's reality.

One Off payments Setup

2.7%per US swipe

3.5% + $0.15 for keyed sales

Monthly fees depending your needs

2.9%+ $0.30

per transaction within the US

Get your business off the ground with our solution providers

Our solution providers already have YManage built in and can help you with creating an online store,
managing finances, building a website and more.

Codecasa Yacht
My Bachara Queen
My Aminah
My Ariadna
Nuova Benyacht

Flexible solutions for you and your customers


Help run his Yacht with

YManage Platform*

YManage Business provide solutions for your customer . A proven way to help him work better by offering easy self management options while you focus on real results.


Help grow your business with

YManage Work Space

YManage Business gives the solutions you need to face on remote working, improve visibility, boost sales and optimize running costs . Applying takes just minutes - or contact one of our YManager.

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