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Whole world is flooding with numerous numbers of software and hardware with advancing technology. But this is not happening with the same pace for every field. We are very advance with fleet management system but still when it comes to vessel/yacht management, the world is somewhat scattered with bits and bytes of different software for different sorts of purpose.

It is really a difficult task for a Captain to manage everything like handling all the documentation, managing the crew, handling safety measures, maintenance of yacht parts, handling finance, hiring a new staff, purchasing new yacht parts, etc., within the same frame of time, with different software on the board to serve different purpose.

Alessandro Macri, one of the most professional and youngest captain with oceans of experience, in collaboration with WDMtech, came up with an idea to help the world of sea in a unique and smart way.

A captain, with a great passion of sea finally decided to launch an all the way easy and centralized Yacht Management Service which helps owners make the most of their yachts, ensuring the best possible experience with vast range of luxury services.

A great deal of effort had been put into the planning of this development and came up with mind blowing solutions integrated into a single Cloud based platform i.e. YManage. All different process of managing a fleet of yachts or an individual yacht can be handled from a single platform.

Now a captain can do a lot with YManage:

  • Documentation Control (user manuals, crew documents, licences and registration etc.).
  • Scheduling (maintenance and tasks based on dates or hours preferences)
  • Business Directory
  • Hire a manager
  • Human Resource (to hire crew and other members)
  • Business management (finance, tasks, employee, reporting, etc)
  • Inventory management
  • Shopping cart (specific for yacht parts)
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Track fleet GPS system
Hire a Virtual Assistant!! Wearing Too many hats c...
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Thursday, 23 January 2020