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Freedom of YManage

YManage is a fully comprehensive digital management platform which lightens the administrative workload of managers, captains and crew, freeing up time for other tasks. It provides a collection of easy-to-use digital products and services that can help managers bring real value to their yachting business.

Whether you are an individual yacht manager, a small business, or part of a large management team, you can meet new partners to collaborate with on the platform. It is a virtual hub for the yachting industry. When you subscribe to one of YManage's tailored plans, choose from Owner, Crew and Manager to best suit your needs and join the interactive workspace. Here you can connect with support, create digital projects, source new potential team members and so much more.

On top of this, the platform offers handy software that can be customised and coded to specific client needs. Additional features like recruitment and e-learning courses are also available, to help individuals looking to advance their yachting careers. We will discuss the many exciting functions of YManage in more detail in the next edition of Superyacht Technology News. But for now, let's explore the ways in which it can set you free.

What to Expect

Here's what you can expect when you break free from the shackles of traditional yacht management and become a YManager.

There are no boundaries to what you can achieve with YManage. Find out more about the platform here, and watch out for our future mini-documentary – coming soon!

Freedom to break into and progress within the yachting industry

On top of its traditional management platform services, YManage also offers a range of e-learning courses, professional consultation and recruitment opportunities and even website building software to those looking to advance their career in yachting. Whether you are a trying to gain a first job on a superyacht, you want to take your career to the next level or you are a start-up business looking for advice from industry experts, YManage has you covered.

Freedom from any installation

No installation is required, so switching to YManage can be achieved in just five-to-ten minutes and needs no preparation. All data is stored securely in a cloud-based system, meaning it is easy to access and is always up-to-date.

Freedom to communicate how you want, when you want and where you want

Instant messages, video calls, screen sharing, group chats, shared documents, and much more are all part of the YManage platform. It offers extensive communication features to make sure users can efficiently share information with team members, as well as external partners as required. Gone are the days where managers need to spend all day in an office to communicate with their team.

Freedom to create, manage, follow and check on a project from anywhere.

Whatever project you are managing, whichever idea you want realised, YManage means you can do this from the comfort of your preferred working space or even on the move. It brings handy project management tools together in one, simple-to-use platform. Any information related to your projects will always be accessible as everything is stored digitally.

Freedom to work online and offline, everywhere in the world

If internet connection drops users can still use YManage offline on their mobile device, with accounting, inventory, crew time management and other features all at their disposal. Once internet connection is restored, any changes will automatically upload to the system and sync to other devices using your account. You can also access the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world and on any PC, Mac or mobile device.

Freedom to build up strong relations with Captains, Owners and Managers in the Community

With a database full of industry professionals for every possible need you could have, the YManageCommunity gives you the contact details to reach out. Company Directors, Yacht Managers, Brokers, and Platform Experts are all at your fingertips.

Freedom to recruit all levels of crew at the touch of a button

Building the right team is incredibly important. These people will be responsible for the day to day operation of your vessel, and trusting the wrong crew with this responsibility could lead to a very unhappy owner. YManage offers an online space that allows employers and potential crew to communicate and share their information on a safe and secure platform. Crew and fleet owners can easily meet, even if they are on different sides of the world.

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Thursday, 23 January 2020