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3 reasons to have a CRM for your yacht charter business!


Joining that yacht charter wavelength includes thinking about having a way to organize not only your business but your client's information for maximum success!

Keeping your business organized all in one place is something we preach about constantly, as there's a lot of paperwork and tasks to be done when you are managing a yacht, doesn't matter if you are a manager or an owner, this is something you'll be faced with constantly, however, adding that layer which comes with a charter which is building and keeping relationships with clients you find through your marketing efforts and referrals, this is something that really requires organizing and a good way to keep records of everything is a CRM.

To help you with the keep up of having these new relationships with clients, Bitrix24 has a good CRM system in place that can, not only help you with the overall input of what you have already spoken with the client or where did they find you, but with the overall care of them through time. But the benefits don't stop there, as there's also integrated sales and marketing features perfect for you to build a long list of clients to charter around the Mediterranean Sea, with whom you'll be able to build strong relationships that will help you get business all year round.

Just like any other business, charter yachts thrive off of having a clientele ready and willing to hire their services at any time to keep the business sustainable and profitable, which is something a CRM is proven time and time again to be able to accomplish. Just as a reminder, using a CRM software for your business can increase sale conversion rates up to a 300%, and on top of that, if you invest in this technology, you can get a return of investment of $8.71 for each dollar spent, according to a recent survey made by Nucleus Research.

So beyond that, what other reasons are there to use a CRM on your yacht charter business? Well…

Sales tools

A key part of having a CRM on your business is to focus on the sales portion of it, for this case, in particular, Bitrix24 has a long list of sales tools under their "CRM for sales team", these tools have everything you need to make the sales process a whole lot easier, manageable and overall more engaging not only for you and your team, but having tools for you to be able to organize all in one place your clients profile as well as ways to easily work on getting recurring clients to continue doing business with you throughout your business lifetime, which is incredibly important for the sustainability of your charter business.

Among the tools you will need to make the sales process a lot easier on you with your CRM of choice are:

-Sales funnel a better way to view and understand your sales process, stages, breaking points and how to fix keep your new leads moving forward with the business, this is something made to help you improve on your sales conversion.

-Pipeline management: a way to use visual cues that help you figure out your sales pipelines, create custom deal stages and much more.

-Booking and scheduling: something that's key with an organization is having calendars within your CRM that allow you to make appointments and bookings, this is also incredibly helpful when creating an availability schedule for your clients trying to charter.

-Reports: having a way to include reports for your marketing, sales, activities, expenses and more all in one space to make the control and supervision of your team easier.

-Multichannel communication: this is usually included in creating a full profile of your clients, including the conversations you have with them through the multiple channels available within the CRM, which should include phone calls, text messages, emails and more.

Remember that leveraging your CRM software can improve your sales by 29%, and if you are in the market for a good one for your charter business, Bitrix24 is a proven success in the yachting industry.

Marketing metrics and ROI

The goal of any marketing effort is to be able to increase the profit of your business, but to do that you need to be able to measure those results thoroughly, and without the right tools available, it's pretty difficult to prove if the investment is worth the risk, what's the return of investment, and even figure out where the issue is with your marketing strategy so you won't be able to fix it in time. According to Hubspot, 39% of marketers say that proving the ROI of their marketing activities is one of their biggest challenges, so having a CRM like Bitrix24 that has the tools included to do the math for you, is super helpful in the long run.

Bitrix24 includes some tools that can help you calculate the ROI on your different marketing strategies, as well as your costs, automatically, so you can make more informed decisions on how you want your marketing strategy to perform overall. In an earlier study by Hubspot, they found that 72% of organizations that calculated their ROI confidently promote that their marketing strategy is effective on the goals they set. This is incredibly important for a charter business considering the expenses of owning a yacht can be quite high, ensuring cost-effective marketing is absolutely perfect for the business.

Communication channels integrated

The only thing that will absolutely ensure you a deal with a new client is communication, and how you develop that communication will be change the game for your charter yacht, considering the entire yacht experience is based on a luxurious one, where the communication with the crew during the navigation is needed to be a positive one, same goes for the communication you have before they come aboard, it's one cultivated through the period of time before the scheduled day of the navigation. Recently, Capterra held a poll in which they found that 47% of the respondents claimed that using a CRM on their business worked wonders on their client's satisfaction with their performance, and that translates greatly to having accessible information about their clients available on their CRM.

In this particular instance, Bitrix24 has a few tools integrated for communication purposes such as:

-Email integration: it creates leads from the emails you receive, has an email marketing built tool for bulk emails, email automation, triggers, statistics and more.

-Telephony integration: incoming and outbound calls, which is incredibly helpful to keep all communication with your client in one place, not only that, but it also has call recording, routing, voicemail, call transcription and much more.

-Live chat integration: this is something we love about this software, it has many ways to communicate with your clients, such as a free built-in live chat, conversation routing, contact information capture and much more!

-Messengers and social networks integration: yes, you heard it right, you can integrate your favorite messengers such as Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and many more, including the most popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

-Web form integration: including a free form builder, templates, forms with online payments and more, all made to keep your website optimized for a successful business.

All of these tools are incredibly helpful to keep you communicated with your clients at any time of day, providing them with an incredible experience from the first moment they contact you, till they are aboard of the vessel navigating the Mediterranean.

If you want to keep your charter yacht business successful make sure to check out Bitrix24 and take full advantage of their CRM tools and get surprised with the other incredible features you can use to optimize your business' overall performance, for a more profitable, sustainable and efficient yachting adventure.

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Thursday, 23 January 2020