What is YManage​

What is YManage

The need for an all in one system, that allows you to run a multitude of elements on your vessel,

train and recruit staff as well as be useful for those onshore is key. Having many years worth of
experience within the sector we have seen the issues with not having this type of system. Main
Raise Yachting therefore have created YManage, an all in one yachting management system. In
our latest article, we look at all of the features that make up what we have created.
What Is YManage?
YManage is the ultimate set of tools for those that operate and work within the Yacht industry.
The tools in which YManage offer are designed for multiple people including Crew, Owners and
Yacht Companies. Each service that falls under the YManage banner has been specifically
designed to aid our clients and ensure that they are operating at their most efficient.
What Services Does It Offer?
The YManage platform is made up of many areas, all with the aim to create a full-service
product for the Yacht Industry. As we mentioned above, we have tailored our systems to be
suitable for a range of users. The services that the YManage platform offers include the
Yacht Manager
A Yacht Manager is an integral part of any vessel. They are able to deal with any issues, as well
as ensure that the vessel is compliant when moving into other countries or international waters.
YManage works with a range of experienced Yacht Managers who are readily available to help
your vessel run smoothly.
The YManage training platform is by the far the most popular of all of the services in which we
offer. Our training platform is made up of industry-recognised courses and qualifications aimed
at beginners through to the most experienced of captains. Our team of highly skilled and
experienced instructors conduct their training remotely, so you are able to do it whether you are
at sea, or on holidays at home. Supported by a 24/7 online chat function, it is a great option for
those looking to upskill themselves.
Job Boarding
Looking for a new role? Or even to recruit someone for your crew? Yes, YManage has the
facility to do that as well. If you are looking for a new role you can register your CV and also
search for jobs from all over the world. If you are looking to recruit, on the other hand, advertise
your job and let the applicants come to you.


YManage also compasses a fully bespoke software platform called YM360 which has been built
and designed by industry experts. As a full-service yacht management software, there is nothing
we can’t do, and by providing some of the most advanced tech within our service we ensure
everything is centralised and easily accessible.
Business Directory
The business directory is aimed more towards those that are located in and around the luxury
yachting ports. The directory is for those that want to advertise their services this can be a
mixture of retailers, restaurants and also hotels. Complete with a mobile application, it is a great
way to reach your audience, build your brand and also promote your services.
Web Services
The IT aspect of any vessel is really important, as well as implementing new technologies. The
YManage web services is a bespoke platform which allows ideas to be turned into reality with
the help of industry experts. Want to implement AI into your vessel? Yes, we can do that, and in
fact, we have worked on something similar. By building a development strategy and also start-
up planning, YManage Web Services can bring anything to life.
Virtual Office
Being compliant and having an accurate office system is vital. The YManage virtual office does
just that and is an intranet and extranet which allows your staff access to yacht documents,
management reports as well as extensive support whilst onboard or onshore. This system is
designed for yacht owners, crew and also businesses within the maritime industry,
To Conclude
There we have it our introduction to the YManage platform. Having worked in this space for
many years, Main Raise Yachting understand the need to have an all in one system that allows
multiple users to be efficient and effective. Main Raise Yachting are on a mission to change the
Yacht industry. For more information on our platform
Click Here.


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