Covid 19 and Yachting Industry

“Letter from Ceo

Dear Community, 

We are facing a worldwide pandemic for the first time and we don’t know what to expect;what we know for sure is that even if we don’t get directly infected by the virus it will affect us somehow. Keeping an open mind and proceeding cautiously but confidently is the way to go. This tragedy is also a powerful driver of change, and we should make an effort to change things for the best. 

Let’s consider a few aspects: 

⚫Technology alone can be very powerful and extremely useful but human interaction is something worth fighting for. 

⚫Change occurs fast and time must beconsidered as a limited and precious resource. ⚫Since a yacht is undoubtedly also a place to live and it perfectly suits the current situation why not making boating more accessible? We must reconsider our concept of ‘luxury’. 

⚫Efficient collaboration among different industries is necessary to design new experiences for a ever changing market. 

⚫Some managerial operations must be simplified but other activities are going to be cut off or converted into something else. 

⚫Remote working will not completelytake over but it is quickly becoming part of our daily lives. 

We will not have to renounce to face to face interaction of course but this hybrid system will lead to a better lifestyle, more dynamic. In order to discuss how to manage the current situation we are going to listen to all main actors of our industry on Webinars and VR meetings. We will evaluate how such a disruptive phenomena could lead to a growth and added value in the medium/long terms. 

The topics will be: Analysis of the yachting industry, Crisis management, Measures adopted, Predictions of change, change management, YManage, a web platform: presentation, demo, users engagement, Debate. 

Host: Alessandro: Remote management and assistance to Yacht Owners, Crews and yachting related businesses

Igor: Dirsruptive innovations, how to anticipate future events rather than clash with the unexpected 

Pietro: Innovative technologies and where are they leading us to –

Antony: Virtual Reality and the nautical industry 

Cristina: Education and training from remote. We are fully aware of the amount of stress and frustration that is affecting us all but we have taught many how to work remotely and we will face whatever comes at the horizon together as we have done for the past five years. 

Let’s take the first step together, contact us at mailto:

contact@ymanage.net and we will keep you updated about the dates of our Webinars. 

“Alessandro Macri’ 

Main Raise Yachting +33(0) 6789 27 318

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