Smart Working? Not without a Smart Leadership 

SMART WORKING comes with SMART LEADERSHIP. The latest manages, motivates and supports Smart workers from remote covering different time zones, countries, diverse cultures and languages.

At MAIN RAISE, we run our activities through SMART WORKING Management methods, we have in place many tools. We are thrilled to share with you our point of vision and experience. 

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”     John C. Maxwell 

We intend to apply this quote to Remote teams simply using tools such as  Smart Phones or Laptops … It can be a challenge but we are up to it!

A smart leader knows how to unleash the hidden abilities of his  team, boosting business productivity by communicating Simply and Effectively. With the Internet, automation and remote communication, next-generation companies are adapting agile working methodologies. Managers and leaders need to develop new skills and competences to face new lifestyle requests from collaborators and employees.

Smart working  allows an employee to work from anywhere, at any hours with great freedom and satisfaction. It helps them to save travel time and related costs, it results in improved outcomes since people can be more focused and creative at work with no extra pressure, employees feel that they can be trusted by their employer while operating from an environment of their choice. We witness a positive cascade effect that simply leads to happier and healthier employees, think for example to the chance of having balanced warm meals at home and being able to spend more time with your loves ones!

This is what we want for our teams at Main Raise and YManage.

Let’s now look at things from the employer’s perspective. Smart working reduces overall operating costs by lowering fixed costs such as renting an office and related services for the employees for example.  Besides that, it allows to extend flexible business hours to provide customer assistance round-the-clock, it attracts and retains high-quality talents from any part of the world and it guarantees business continuity when facing weather issues, calamities or a pandemic disaster as the one that we are experiencing now.

What makes Agile work standout?

YManage solutions are the result of extensive research on bringing productivity even in the worst scenario by employing smart working technologies. YManage services and software trigger a virtuous circle of  balance, harmony, and trust between employer and employees.

YManage pushes forward yachting business of any size with a centralized and automated digital platform that is able to manage and monitor every single employee, activity, transaction, and customer. 

Some of the SaaS-based Cloud services (Software As A Service) of YManage are:

  • Crew Training: e-learning courses to start or advance the career in the Industry.
  • Job Boarding: a Job Portal where demand and offer of relevant yachting jobs meet
  • Yachting Manager: on-demand or dedicated Yacht Manager that takes care of the yacht and provides necessary services With Mobile APP
  • Business Directory: list your business to find potential customers by location, niche, activity, and size. You can access this service through a dedicated  mobile APP
  • Help Desk: besides our customer service, community forums and business tutorials can help you finding answers to your enquiries
  • Yacht Management Software Suit, it includesseveral advanced features for Yacht Management:
    • Human Resource Management Module (HRM)
    • Safety Management System Module (SMS)
    • Fleet Tracking and Route Management Software
    • Document Management & Control Tools
    • Inventory and Stock Management System 
    • Yacht Maintenance Planned
    • Account Management System
    • E-log Book
  • YManage Virtual Office, always with you and your team, it includes:
    • Marketing tools
    • Sales Tools
    • Email and Communication Channel Management 
    • Internal Social Network 
    • Work Groups
    • Chat Bot and Artificial Intelligence
    • External Access for Remote Customers
    • Web Site Builder and Many More (more than 40)

Nowadays we see the advantages and benefits of SMART WORKING, especially for Start-Ups, but we have to keep our minds open in order to come up with innovative solutions to new issues that may rise along the way. That’s why we have a Blog Section to help and support who wants to embark in this new adventure with us, starting from our business partners.

All these Cloud-based services and solutions allow us to work with a team scattered around the world. No matter where you are, we  have total control over your activities. 

We are also re-launching YManage for Business to support new and existing companies. We will now provide the following products at the best prices to encourage you to jump online and get started as soon as possible!

  • Website Development
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Mobile App IOS and Android 
  • Dedicated Courses
  • Partner Collaborations
  • E-Commerce

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