How does a Yacht Management Company work?

Owning and managing a yacht entail several responsibilities, the way we approach yacht management makes the difference.

Being a yacht owner is something most people look forward to, purchasing such a luxury item can crown a successful business and career, what a better way to reward our hard work than taking off for a fun trip around the Mediterranean on the spur of the moment! On the other side these marvelous vessels require maintenance and performing daily tasks that need much time and effort in order to keep everything running smoothly and to be ready for the next navigation.


In this blog post, we will walk you through what makes a responsible and skilled yacht management a solution to all your issues onboard, especially when you decide to outsource it to a fully commited and dedicated company.

Why should you hire a yacht management company?

Simply said it makes your life easier and if you have a yachting business it will become more productive and profitable. Besides that, a yacht management company also dispenses professional legal expertise and it is a trusted advisor on specific issues you might be having, it also works as a round the clock support system for your whole team.

Most importantly having a reliable yacht manager means avoiding unpleasant situations. For example, you don’t want your crew to get distracted when it comes to safety issues because of an heavy, disorganized workload.  

How does it  work? 

It varies from business to business, some yacht managers are required to work on specific tasks and areas such as the legal requirements needed to sail across international waters, which is important in the Mediterranean Sea; others are experts in operations support and technical management. 

There are companies that offer a complete list of services as well as an extended network of people working within the industry that allows them to find the right candidates for your particular needs and yacht type/size. Main Raise is one of those, it comes with a selection of services for the benefit of yacht owners. Our flagship is providing virtual assistance to the owner or captain so that he/she can delegate the tasks that take the longest, such as making calls, planning, recruiting and training the crew.

There is an added layer of technology to every single business nowadays, working with CRMs and having online platforms that safely hold information and schedules is a key factor for an efficient management system. The YManage system offered by Main Raise has given clients that extra level of support to keep their business organized and ready to take off.

Yacht Management Companies help yacht owners to achieve their maximum potential while handling essential sides of the business that are needed for a more profitable and enjoyable experience. When working along with the financial office, they have the expertise to streamline and smooth out the payment system for the payroll of the crew, they also handle last-minute purchases to fix any needed technical or mechanical issue.

YManage’s goal is to make sure that everything is in place, improving communication  between the owner and the crew to ensure a healthier and relaxed work environment. Our work improves the productivity of the team, in fact giving them a clear and well scheduled set of tasks and goals to achieve  makes them grow and flourish.

Something that might surprise many people is that depending on that nature of the yacht, a Yacht Manager will also take on the task of figuring out the right marketing strategies to improve the business visibility. This gives the business a boost in profits since having a clear and informed vision makes it easier to reach potential customers.

YManage Team guarantees a yacht management service 100% tailored on your specific demand.

If you are on the lookout to hire a Yacht Manager get in touch with our staff and we will choose together what is best for you and your beloved vessel!  

To dig even deeper into this topic check  our post ‘Yacht Management: A Guide’!


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