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Advancements in technology have turned the digital 2D technology into a 3D virtual world. The three-dimensional experience has recently been applied to the entertainment sector but also to education. All of a sudden training becomes more interactive bringing more authenticity to the exploration of models.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the two main protagonists of this futuristic scenario. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is a computer generated three-dimensional simulation of surroundings or images.  In the last 20 years this simulation technology has successfully being used to train astronauts. It has then spread to many other fields such as medicine, architecture, military domains etc 

Components of Virtual Reality:

  • Full Immersion: the user is cut off from the real world on a sensory level  by wearing VR gear.  
  • Sensory Feedback: the movements of  the user’s head and body in the real world are traced and tracked by  sensors that send the signals to a software to create the sensory illusion of moving in the virtual world.
  • Interactivity: the last step is to become part of the virtual environment by interacting with its elements.  

Virtual Software:

As VR creates a 3D environment, the virtual software integrates aspects of reality in the virtual world to enhance the user’s experience.

Virtual Hardware: Some of the standard Virtual hardware devices are VR headset, glasses, gloves and other accessories. 

Types of Virtual Reality:

  • Fully Immersive: Fully immersive simulations give users the most realistic experience possible, including vision and sound. The VR headsets provides high-resolution content with a wide visual spectrum. 
  • Semi Immersive: It is the type of simulation technology where digital objects work with physical objects to create simulation or illusion. Such as bike riding simulator, Yacht Simulator, Aeroplane simulator etc.
  • Non-Immersive: This modality is the one often used in video games for example.  The user sits in a physical environment dealing with a virtual computer game.


Augmented Reality (AR)

AR adds digital images to reality to enhance our experience of it. d digitally generated enhancement over the real one. In other words while VR takes you elsewhere AR adds something to your present reality. It could be a 3D model of any machine, building, etc. or a live video with information.

AR is used in many fields nowadays thanks to its versatile characteristics. Most of us have  AR technology when using apps on our mobile phones for example, we all enjoy  adding digital stickers to our live videos! 

Features of Augmented Reality:

  • 3D Object Tracking: Tracking of 3D objects allows developers to  use them as AR markers. Any object can magically come to life. Virtual animations can be added to reach a variety of goals.
  • Smart Screens: Tablets or mobile screens do not provide a fully immersive virtual 3D experience. In fact the user can look away from the screen anytime. On the other hand smart glasses and other wearable technologies are able to isolate and transpose the user.
  • SLAM Support: Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) maps out an unknown environment while keeping track of devices movement within it. It is able to identify the object’s location and to superimposes an AR image over it.
  • Geolocation:  The app monitors the current location through GPS and integrate it with AR. It can be used in education to virtual tour historical sites for example.  
  • Cloud-storage: In order to release an application with AR, one needs AR SDK with Cloud storage. Most of the markers are saved on Clouds with location API to have more and more tags and live locations.

AR and VR technologies could generate market revenue of up to $162 billion by the end of 2020. YManage aims to use AR/VR technology to help the Yachting industry to grow.  In fact our AR/VR tools help marketing companies to make their adverts more effective, we enhance consumers engagement and we offer 3D products visualization. These are just some of our solutions and services that employ VR/AR:

  • Yacht Simulators: They  make the training experience for Yacht crew members and newbies  more interactive and entertaining.  YManage uses simulators so that the trainees can operate on virtual yachts and their sophisticated machinery without risks and from remote.
  • Cloud Storage: YManage provides a complete SaaS-based solution with unlimited Cloud storage to access data from anywhere on any device. We develop and integrate API that directly helps AR/VR tools and saves all data to a centralized Cloud location. It can be accessed while mapping or tracking anything live.
  • GPS Tracking Tool: YManage developers coded a tool which helps Yachts to find live routes and locations, define geofencing, track & monitor fleets etc This GPS tool allows VR/AR apps to visualise and map live tracks and identify markers to create a user-friendly live virtual environment.
  • AR/VR Software development services: YManage provides VR and AR application development services. It develops tools for sophisticated simulators, training portals, architecture models, games and marketing products.
  • AR and VR hardware/firmware solutions: We provide complete hardware and software solution packages of simulators and emulators. We also offer   accessories such as a computer or robotic machines at high configuration supporting VR, external real object tracker, Input controller for hand tracking, wearable VR glasses, etc.
  • Intelligent Yacht Management software: We provide a SaaS-based smart software package with unlimited Cloud storage to manage projects, inventories, and crew members.


All of our development services are at a 20% discount. Take advantage of it and increase your customer reach with the latest YManage VR and AR solutions and services! 

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