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Taking a ride on a Yacht is undoubtedly fun for guests but what’s about the owner of the vessel? We give you proper assistance so that you can lift a burden off your shoulders so that you can focus of what you consider the real priorities in your life! 

There is no need anymore of  being involved in management in person, nowadays you can keep an eye on every task performed through a technologically advanced, safe and user-friendly Dashboard. YManage provides experienced Personal Yacht Managers and excellent  monitoring tools to use from remote. We can guarantee that  the yacht is operated safely, legally and cost-effectively at all times.

  • A Personal Yacht Manager completes his tasks by overseeing the daily operations of the yacht as stipulated by the Yacht Management Agreement and keeping the Owner or his representative updated.
  • A skilled Manager can take responsibility over many duties  and associated liabilities of the “Ship Owner” in order to fulfill the obligations of the owning company as established by security measures and legislation.  

What an YManage Personal Yacht Manager can assist you with?

Maritime Operations: a Manager mainly takes care of, supervises and oversees daily  operational activities which include :

  • Coordination with the Flag State for Statutory requirements 
  • Maintaining appropriate insurance coverage and managing any claims 
  • Assisting with voyage planning and cruise itineraries 
  • Assistance with weather routing
  • Berth reservations 
  • Selection and appointment of local agents 
  • Logistics of provisions and stores supply 
  • Bunkering and provision of lubricating oil 
  • Maintenance of charts and navigational publications 
  • Communications management
  • Administration of multiple entertainment services 
  • Management of ancillary  crafts (helicopters, aeroplanes, submarines etc.)

Crew Management:

As yachts have grown in size, so has the number of crew members employed. Strict rules need to be applied in order to comply with the specific requirements. Mistakes or misunderstandings on a vessel can easily lead to criminal and civil consequences, this is why managing a crew takes a great deal of responsibility.

Crew management includes: 

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employment, Payroll, Contracts/agreements, Qualifications and Training.
  • Performance appraisals & Leave 
  • Travel, Medical & Insurance.
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures 
  • Repatriation


Technical Management:

As the name suggests this area is primarily technical and includes management activities such as: 
• Coordination of Classifications Society surveys and inspection requirements 
• Administration of Class Survey fee agreements 
• Overseeing the onboard planned maintenance system (including audits) 
• Review of routine maintenance report and feedback where improvements are required 
• Coordination of routine and regular maintenance with Marine Operations 
• Trend analysis for preventative maintenance 
• Coordination of refit planning & creation of the refit specification.
• Request for tenders and tender analysis for refit 
• Provision of 24/7 technical support and advice 
• Assist with the sourcing of spare parts and/or servicing and/or sub-contractors 
• Technical input to insurance claims 
• Development of the annual technical and refit budgets 
• Review of oil and fuel sample analysis reports 

Safety Management:

The main function of Safety  Management is to make the vessel as safe as it can be while having the minimum  impact on the Owner  while he is enjoying his vessel. Formal management of safety involves:

  • ISM Manager for the yacht
  • Establishment and maintenance of the Safety Management System
  • Development of ISM procedures and systems
  • Provision of Designated Person Ashore (DPA) under ISM
  • Internal and External Safety Audits.
  • Administration of the Safety Management System paperwork and certification
  • Provision of emergency response service ashore
  • Development of casualty management plans
  • Oversight of the onboard risk assessment and management control of safety
  • Crew safety training ashore
  • Investigate accidents, incidents and implement a near miss reporting system
  • Development of an inclusive safety culture
  • Voyage reporting control authority
  • Oversight of safety equipment maintenance and inspections

Security Management:

Many Owners get used to a life protected by a range of security services. Even when onboard their yacht, there is the potential of security threats against them. In terms of security  management  on a Super Yacht the main functions include: 
• ISPS Manager for the yacht 
• Internal security audits & Threat assessment 
• Development of a security plan & operational security procedures 
• Training of the Ship Security Officer & management of the Ship Security Certification 
• Administration of the Ship Security Alert system • •Investigation of security breaches or failures 
• Co-ordination of changes in security threat level with the Flag State 
• Internal ISPS audits & review and maintaining up to date the ship security plan

Accounting & Budget Management:

This function includes tasks such as:
• Preparation of annual budgets for Owner approval & annual budget review against expenditure 
• Compilation of monthly yacht accounts, review invoices and arrangement payments
• Control of a purchase order system & maintain a ledger of yacht expenses suitable for analysis 
• Monthly yacht manage accounts and analysis against budget 
• Manage multiple currency bank accounts & oversight yacht credit cards 
• Submit fund requests to the Owner and petty cash supply for the yacht


Integrations & Tools

Our Personal Yacht Manager Software is integrated with many project management solutions so that you can see  what your team is working on and how much time they spend on each task.

  • Collaboration Platform
  • Personal Yacht management Software
  • Track Fleet Software
  • Main-Raise Platform
  • YManage Platform
  • Time Tracking
  • What’s App
  • Skype

How to Start hiring with YManage:

Meeting: You’ll speak to your Manager to verify that he/she is a good match before you sign up. We want you to have   that extra level of confidence in the person you’ll be working with.

Planning: YManage understands that each yacht is unique and that your requirements are specific. After a short, productive meeting, we will carefully plan how to achieve you goals and ensure that what we suggest can be suitable to  both you and your yachting business.

Testing: Your Manager will learn about your business, how you like to work, and the tools you wish to use. You will see everything your Manager does on the YManage Dashboard.

Delivery: After you subscribe we will give you the link to our virtual office where you can communicate, track timelines and follow the progress of the tasks. Payment can be done online via credit card or PayPal. Your plan will automatically be renewed on the same day each month. 

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