Navigating Innovation for Yachting's Future

We have designed a suite of tools for Yacht Owners, Crews and Yachting Companies. Manage all operations on board & ashore efficiently, safely, and smartly.

Our platform digitalized the traditional nautical services. 

Find out how to

guide your staff and solve your needs remotely.


Our Areas

Management Team

We keep you on the winning side by providing high quality management services for Yacht and Shore Teams. Live interaction will allow you to delegate projects and tasks.

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Platform Software

Through the Yacht Platform portal, you can access independently to all activities from remotely, as well as work on team projects, share documents and idea on a professional secure platform.           

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Yacht Management Software

Keep your data and files safe. 10 Management modules designed by Captains, DPA, CSO and Professional Yacht Operators so that you can focus on up-to-date relevant information.

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Training e Career

Our training is offered in partnership with an excellent nautical institute. We now provide a range of courses from entry-level to Master 3000. All certified and recognized by agencies worldwide.

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Get on board with YManage, the innovative Platform that takes care of you and your Yacht.

Take the helm! Let's navigate the online Ocean together

YManage is  leading service provider that gathers Owners, Captains and Crews into a unique platform to achieve common goals. Our team efficiently collaborates with Captains and Owners to guarantee high-quality results.

Our Mission

We want to give those involved in the yachting industry  control over all operations onboard and ashore through the use  of  an digital, easy-to use solution

The new standard of  yacht  management is now at your service.

We’ve filled in the gaps between team members – and built a digital management experience that simplifies everything that was previously more complex.

The Evolution of Traditional Yacht Management

YManage opens the doors to our virtual office, managers and all collaborators to ensure they are all connected ready to receive instructions.

 The YManage platform gives you access to the on-board management software and to a variety of on demand services.

What YManage does

YManage is a Cloud Platform where shipowners, crews and companies can easily work together even if they are in different place. 

YManage offers all the tools needed to manage their vessel and all related activities. 

Innovation and Technologies

Our continual investment
in research and development allows us to build
innovative solutions. It is our beliefs that Technology and smart management will take the yachting industry to the next level, and we want to be the pioneers of this disruption.


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